Why Ready Supply

New Approach to an Established Market

Most of us would agree that a long term food supply is an important thing to have. The traditional method for decades has been to either pay thousands of dollars up front or buy random products while on sale. With Ready Supply’s subscription plan, we are able to offer our complete freeze dried meals at bulk prices. By delivering our variety kit to your door, we eliminate the issue of overstock. Gone are the days of #10 cans of beans and wheat that you may or may not choose to eat, even when the situation calls for it. Because we don’t lock you in with a long term contract, you can easily use any subscription plan to match your own family needs, with your own family budget. 

What you get in all Ready Supply Products

Whether you get a subscription, a bucket or two, or even a year supply, you can count on quality, convenience and great taste. Because we use freeze dried foods, all that is needed to have a delicious meal is hot water and about 20 minutes. All of our food storage products have a 25 year shelf life giving you the peace of mind that the great taste isn't coming at cost of quality. If you want to know specifics about what makes our products up to the task, check out Our Quality.