Our Quality



 Watch out for companies that use flavor enhancers like MSG, or Autolyzed Yeast Extract, and Soy-based Protein fillers. There are many people with health problems related to these compounds. If those ingredients were in there, we wouldn’t sell those products to you. That’s our promise.

Many people are concerned about the effects of GMO (Genetically modified organisms) on our bodies. That’s why Ready Supply Foods only sells certified, non-GMO ingredients. We also store this food for our own families, just like you.

Not all food is ready to be stored long-term. There are many factors present in foods that prevent their ability to be stored long-term. These factors include oxygen content, moisture content, microbiological organisms, and packaging integrity.

There are few things as destructive as oxygen to stored foods. Contents with oils will quickly oxidize, leaving that disgusting rancid smell. Other items will break down structurally. Oxidation can drastically change the flavors of food, and not for the better.
Moisture content is another factor that can destroy stored foods. Moisture will harden powdered foods into a hard, cakey lump. Moisture also helps molds and other microbiologicals to grow.
Some manufacturers have been using cheap, thin mylar film for their pouches. This flimsy product doesn’t provide the necessary barrier for both oxygen and
All the pouches in the kits from Ready Supply Foods are made with a “structured” film incorporating polyester, aluminum, and polyethylene. This pouch provides the best barrier protection available for long-term food storage.

Tests of our pouches have shown an oxygen level between 0.0% and 0.1%. This incredibly low number is the result of the inclusion an oxygen absorber into every pouch.