Survival of the prepared

In June I was invited on a remote fishing trip to Canada in northern Ontario. The allure of the trip was a very remote lake, with no access out side of charters and float planes.   I was a late addition to a three man team that goes every few years. They were driving up from Tennessee, so I flew into Minneapolis to meet them. 

They said not to worry about food, they would buy the groceries before they picked me up.  I should have dug into the details, but I was excited and just went along with the plan. 

As i was packing i decided to through 4 meals into my bag, just in case something odd happened.  I took a few of my favorites, Pasta Primavera, Chili Mac,  Chili and loaded baked potatoe casserole. 

When we got into camp, i was emptying the coolers and far to few boxes of food.  When i was done i asked if there was more.  There wasn't.  At this point i learned that of the 21 meals i had ahead of me, 14 of them were fish that we needed to catch.  For anyone who loves fish, this may seem alright.   I don't like fish, i eat it exactly zero times every year.   It was going to be a long week. 


I was a good sport, at least tried to be. I ate fish for the first two days before breaking out my ready supply meals.  While they were baking fish i cooked the Pasta Primavera,  The smells brought everyone else out of their bunks.  The conversation changed from how are we cooking the fish, to what are you making tonight ( often with fish on the side). 




As one of the founders of this company, it was nice to have an easy option to throw in my bag. It was also a lot of fun to share our meals with my new friends and have them enjoy the break from fish twice a day. 

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